Lingual Braces in Manhattan, NY

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Lingual Braces in Manhattan, NY

braces behind teeth manhattanIt’s amazing how sometimes a seemingly small change can make a huge impact on an existing idea. For instance, instead of putting braces on the front of the teeth, why not put them on the back to make them less visible?  This one tiny seed of an idea evolved into highly successful lingual braces, one of the most discreet forms of orthodontic treatment available today.

Lingual braces are braces placed behind the teeth. (Lingual refers to the tongue. Lingual braces are on the side of the teeth that face the tongue, as opposed to being on the buccal side, which faces the cheek.) Metal brackets and wires are still used on lingual braces, but they’re not visible from the front since they are attached to the back of the teeth. This highly aesthetic effect, combined with the speed and efficiency of braces treatment, makes lingual braces a terrific option for both adults and teens.

Advantages of Lingual Braces Over Other Treatments

Generally, braces are the fastest, most efficient form of orthodontic treatment and lingual braces maintain this advantage. Also, certain orthodontic conditions are better treated by braces than by Invisalign®, because the orthodontist has more control with braces.

Lingual braces are appealing because they are the least visible type of braces. That means people will probably never notice that you’re wearing braces. In fact, it’s a game changer for people with careers that require public speaking or client meetings, those who will be having major life events such as weddings during their treatment time, and others for whom the aesthetic effect of their treatment is important.

In addition, there’s no risk of damage or staining to the front of the teeth with lingual braces. Braces on the front of the teeth can occasionally cause white spots to appear where the brackets were attached. Although careful brushing prevents these spots from forming, with lingual braces, you can avoid this risk entirely.

Lingual braces best serve those who want the most aesthetic option available, but who also need or want the fastest possible treatment from braces (or because Invisalign wouldn’t provide the optimal treatment result).

Are Lingual Braces Right You?

upper west side manhattan nyc bracesLingual braces are somewhat more expensive than other types of treatment because they’re custom-created to fit each patient’s teeth precisely, and because working behind the teeth (rather than in front) takes extra time and skill on the orthodontist’s part. For many, however, the extra expense is worth it, because of the many advantages of lingual braces.

As with all types of orthodontic appliances, you will experience an adjustment period with lingual braces. You might find that your speaking and chewing are affected for the first week or two. Rest assured, you will quickly adjust to the presence of the braces, and this effect will disappear.

5-Star Orthodontic Treatment with Lingual Braces in Manhattan, NY

Only a qualified NYC orthodontist can help you determine which treatment options would provide you with the best results. If you are considering lingual braces (braces behind your teeth) in NYC come to Central Park Orthodontics for a consultation. Dr. George Pliakas is Ivy League-educated and was trained at one of the best orthodontic programs in the country, so you can be confident that you are getting the very best professional advice. To take the next step toward that perfect smile, call our NYC orthodontics office at (212) 362-4400 or book an appointment online here. Whether you choose lingual braces, Invisalign, or another option, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting top-of-the-line treatment from a NYC orthodontist you can trust.

Come experience Central Park Orthodontics in NYC. You will see we offer 5-star rated orthodontic treatment to patients in NYC, including UWS, UES, Manhattan, Midtown West, Harlem, Morningside Heights, Chelsea, Columbus Circle, and Washington Heights – and we do it with a smile!

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  • "Well experienced and very professional orthodontist, beautiful clinic and friendly staff. I am glad I chose Dr. Pliakas to be my orthodontist!"

    - Cew D.

    best upper west side nyc orthodontist
  • "Dr. Pliakas was extremely professional and knowledgable. His office is modern, renovated, and extremely clean. I went in for a complimentary consultation, and will definitely be back!"

    - Steven S.

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  • "The office is brand new and very nice. I was told they moved into the space in June 2015. I felt rates were reasonable and reception was very helpful to plan my payments around my insurance plan. Given the location on Central Park West, cost had been a concern of mine. I am happy I made this choice!"
    - Elizabeth J.

    best upper west side nyc orthodontist
  • "My daughter is so happy with her new braces. Dr. George is an excellent orthodontist. Beautiful, state of the art office and very nice staff made our experience a great one."

    - Joanny R.

    best upper west side nyc orthodontist
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